With more than twenty years of expertise in plastic extrusion and the latest plant engineering, KVS GmbH produces and markets high quality plastic sheets and plastic foils (rolled goods), which are tailored individually to our customers’ needs.

Currently, the company possesses three productions lines which are equipped with three respectively four extruders. This enables us to produce sheets and foils of up to five or six layers in the co-extrusion technology.

Product Range.

Our product range comprises a versatile range of plastic sheets and plastic foils made of highly impact-resistant polystyrene (SB), ABS, and ASA as well as of different blends, like ESD, PS/PE, ABS/PC, ABS/PA. Besides, we produce sheets and foils made of PP. Moreover, we offer co-extrusions with surfaces made of Softtouch (TPU and TPE, ABS and ASA), material combinations of virgin material and regrind, PMMA as well as various other options. In addition, our product range covers a large range of surfaces, grains and decorations.

The team of KVS GmbH will be pleased to advise you on the implementation of your projects and create an individual quote for you.

Production Programme.

Thicknesses and Widths
  • sheet thicknesses: from 0.35 – 12.5 mm
  • roll thicknesses: from 0.35 – 2.5 mm
  • sheet widths: from 300 – 2,300 mm
  • roll widths: from 300 – 1,600 mm
  • sheet lengths: from 300 – 5,300 mm
  • mono-extrusion, co-extrusion, blends, finishing and cuts
Colours of sheets and foils
  • natural, black, white and coloured according to
    RAL, Pantone, HKS or sample pattern
  • machine-finished on both sides
  • various grains also on both sides available
  • top side glossy
  • colour stripes
  • decorative film lamination
Corona Treatment
  • on one or both sides
Protective Films one-sided and both-sided


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