ASA (Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylate).

Area of Application.

  • thermoforming
  • mechanical processing
  • conglutination

Additional Equipment.

  • increased UV-resistant
  • protective foil available one-sided or both-sided
  • decorative foil


  • 4 materials or colours, in up to 6 layers
  • ASA virgin material*/ABS virgin material or regrind *(ASA also available on both sides)

Product Range.

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  • ABS with ASA top layer
  • rolls and sheets
  • various combinations available
  • various surfaces available
  • various colour combinations available
  • sheets with exceptional haptic (Softtouch-Feeling)
  • Anti-skid effect
  • available as mono- or co-extrusion
  • for displays, packaging, decoration, covering, paneling etc.
  • suitable for inside and outside use
  • surface available in machine finish or grained


  • weather-resistant, high-impact
  • sheets and rolls with extreme toughness and stiffness for thermoforming applications,
  • resistant against various chemicals, weather conditions, UV rays, seawater etc.
  • for exterior use


  • ASA-G, glossy (standard)
  • ASA-M, matte
  • ASA-SM, super matte


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